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Meetings and Events

The hotel is also equipped for intimate parties or big banquets with a total number of 19 function rooms, skilled in-house chefs and a dedicated events team. The Swiss-Belhotel Blulane offers highly versatile venues constructed to serve your need for private gathering and meetings.

Events Venue

Grand Ballroom

The Grand Ballroom boasts of opulent design and crystal chandeliers, coupled with a spacious floor area that sits up to 800 guests. It is perfect for large-scale conventions, conferences and banquets, so every milestone is given a well-deserved celebration. To add to the opulent feel, the hotel boasts of elegant and unique chandeliers that can be found throughout the hotel that complements the design on each floor.

With a total number of 15 private function rooms, The Swiss-Belhotel Blulane is capable of serving several different private gatherings and meetings all at the same time. These rooms are designed mainly for our guests to ensure exclusivity and privacy.

Private Function Rooms

High profile meetings and private gatherings call for exclusivity and versatility despite unforeseen demands. 15 Private Function rooms easily address the need for break-out sessions and simultaneous events which make for a smooth and effortless experience.

Penthouse Function Room

Located on the upper penthouse of The Swiss-Belhotel Blulane, the Penthouse Function Room caters to events that call for multifunction spaces and two (2) dedicated private rooms which can easily be converted into a single event space. Have guests enjoy a scenic view overlooking Manila’s skyline and leave an impression.